Curtain Making Services


We are always happy to advise whether a particular fabric is suitable for making into curtains and its applicability in a particular setting. We can provide free samples of all our fabrics.

The exact quantity of fabric required will depend on the size of the window, the fullness of the curtains, the type of heading and the design of the fabric.  Very large patterns may require more fabric in order to match the design.


We always line our curtains, unless they are voiles or sheers. Our standard lining is a good quality 100% cotton lining.  This improves the drape of the curtains and protects them from light prolonging their life. Alternative linings are available as described below.

Blackout lining is often used in bedrooms, it is usually white or cream in colour and also adds warmth due to its extra thickness.

We recommend interlining for very fine and delicate fabrics such as silks which are more susceptible to sun damage. Traditional interlining involves hand sewing a layer of fleece-like fabric between the main fabric and then hand sewing the lining on top. Alternatively, a bonded lining can be used in which the fleece and the lining are fused together, allowing it to be sewn by machine. In both cases, the interlining adds bulk and gives a fantastic drape to the curtains

We are can supply free samples of all our linings and have sample curtains to show the advantages of each one.

 Curtain Headings

Choose the look that’s right for you.  Below are listed some of the main types.

Pencil Pleat

Closely gathered folds made by pulling the cords on the heading tape. Typically made to be of double fullness.  Suitable for all types of track and pole.

Double and Triple Pleat

Individual pleats hand stitched in place and made to fit the pole or track. Gives long regular folds and a formal look. Works best with a pole.


A contemporary look with wide soft folds. Needs less fabric. Can only be used with straight poles. Eyelets come in a range of colours.

Tab Tops

A contemporary look with less fullness. Can only be used with straight poles.  Can be difficult to draw.

These are some of the most common headings for curtains. We can also do lots of other effects such as contrast headings and borders.

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